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    LASIK patients share how Montgomery Eye helped them see life clearly.

    Lasik Testimonial Drew

    Drew Woods

    “I always knew I was going to Montgomery Eye Physicians. Their reputation is second to none. After getting LASIK, I play golf, I go hunting, and I can see and shoot a lot better now. And just for normal, everyday things…everything’s clear.”
    Montgomery Eye Lasik Surgeon


    K.C. Hinz-Williams

    “Through LASIK, Montgomery Eye Physicians was able to correct my vision beyond 20/20 to 20/15. I have better than ‘perfect’ vision now. Throughout my follow-up care, I’ve seen the same doctor every time, to check and re-check the progress of my vision.”


    Kerrie Wilson

    “Having Montgomery Eye Physicians perform my LASIK surgery was amazing after having worn glasses for almost 40 years. Next to having my daughter, I would say it was probably the next-most miraculous thing ever, because you just don’t imagine you can go from not seeing to seeing in the course of 30 seconds.”


    Ryan Williams

    “Having Montgomery Eye Physicians perform LASIK is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and they’ll guide you through the process the whole way, and follow up for the next year after the procedure.”
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