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    The LASIK procedure combines the latest all-laser technologies in one efficient procedure, customizable for each patient. Everything is based on your individual vision dynamics, with our iLASIK technology providing the highest degree of precision and surgical control for the most effective results. The 100% blade-free technology, in the expert hands of our board-certified doctors, can help you to see life clearly.


    For more information about our iLASIK technology, visit here.

    LASIK has quickly become the laser procedure of choice for most patients because of the quick recovery time, as well as fewer side effects and complications than with other methods of vision correction. The LASIK procedure is appropriate for a wide range of people who want the opportunity to experience freedom from glasses and contacts, and enjoy a better quality of life. Clinical data shows that 98% of mild-to-moderate nearsighted patients, and almost three-quarters of all clinical study patients, could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contacts following LASIK.

    Results You Can Easily See

    • Crisp, clear vision without the need for contacts or glasses
    • Most patients can expect 20/20 vision or better
    • Reduced halos, glare or other vision abnormalities
    • Improved low-light/night vision

    Enhanced Quality of Life

    • Be less dependent on glasses and contact lenses – or even free of them altogether
    • See details in the world around you that you missed before
    • Save money you used to spend on new glasses, lenses, cleaning solutions, etc.
    • Pass your driving test more easily – and the opportunity to have a restriction-free license
    • Enjoy active lifestyle/sports without the worry of losing a contact lens or glasses getting in the way

    At Montgomery Eye, we want to ensure that every patient knows what to expect the day of his or her LASIK surgery and that they are comfortable throughout the entire process. Your safety and care is of utmost importance to us, so we prepare you for the days prior to your surgery, the day of your surgery and the days following your LASIK procedure.

    Preparing for Surgery

    • Stop wearing contact lenses before surgery as advised by your doctor*
    • Arrive at your appointed time for pre-operative preparation
    • Wear comfortable clothing
    • No makeup, earrings, perfume or cologne – no exceptions
    • Eat and drink as you normally would before the procedure
    • Arrange for someone to accompany you as a driver the day of surgery
    • Plan for one to two days away from work, relaxing the day following your surgery

    *Patients in hard contact lenses must be out of their lenses for three months prior to their pre-op exam. Patients in soft contact lenses must be out of their contact lenses for two weeks prior to their pre-op exam, no exceptions. The physician will convey any special circumstances requiring a longer period without contact lens wear.

    Your LASIK surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in the Montgomery Eye Sturbridge location. Although the surgery itself is quick, we ask patients to plan to be in the office for about two hours.
    Because your cooperation is important during surgery, you will be awake during the procedure. However, we do prescribe oral Valium to help you relax. Anesthetic drops will be used often to numb your eyes. The combination of the anesthetic drops and the blade-free technology allows for a pain-free procedure, one that should only take about 20 minutes.

    Following your LASIK procedure, you will be given sunglasses and goggles to protect your eyes. Before you are discharged, your Montgomery LASIK surgeon will discuss your medications and activity restrictions.

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